A G&S Gala!

Our Next Performance is fast approaching!

A Gilbert & Sullivan Gala
St Margaret’s Church Parish Church, Swinton, South Yorkshire.
Friday 26th October 2012 7.15 pm

Tickets £8 from any choir member or contact 01709 582026

We will be performing scenes from HMS Pinafore, Princess Ida, The Pirates of Penzance, The Yeoman of The Guard and The Gondoliers. A major part of the evening’s entertainment, will be a large chunk from The Sorcerer – The Incantation, Act 1 Finale and Act 2 Opening. 

The Sorcerer is a two-act comic opera, with a libretto by W. S. Gilbert and music by Arthur Sullivan. It was the British duo’s third operatic collaboration. The plot of The Sorcerer is based on a Christmas story, An Elixir of Love, that Gilbert wrote for The Graphic magazine in 1876. A young man, Alexis, is obsessed with idea of love levelling all ranks and social distinctions. To promote his beliefs, he invites the proprietor of J. W. Wells & Co., Family Sorcerers, to brew a love potion. This causes everyone in the village to fall in love with the first person they see and results in the pairing of comically mismatched couples. In the end, Wells must sacrifice his life to break the spell. – From Wikipedia.